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Looking for used equipment?

We occasionally have used equipment for sale. Prices do not include freight.
If you would like a freight quote please let us know-
  • What you are interested in buying
  • Your zip code
  • Whether or not you have a forklift at your location
  • Site specific information- ie. narrow road / open ford

Used Poultry House Sanitizer

PL 8750 Red Dragon Poultry House Sanitizer
2011 model with recent parts upgrades.
Complete unit including tank, fittings and cab controls
Onsite instruction is included.
Asking Price is $8,500

Slightly Used Poultry House Sanitizer

Red Dragon PL 8750 Poultry House Sanitizer
Used for only a short time on a research project.
Complete unit including tank, fittings and cab controls
Onsite instruction is included.
Asking Price is $10,000 (normally $12,000)

Brand New Vegetable Bed Shaper for sale.
Located in Ashland Massachusetts

The customer is always right! even though sometimes distracted –
“Oops!  We ordered a smaller implement then we intended (newborn babies are more distracting than I thought)”
For sale is a model 4500 Lesche Bed Shaper.
Never used, still in the delivered wrapping.
Will deliver for free within an hour and a half to two hours of Ashland Massachusetts.
Or will arrange discount shipping to your location.

Used Vineyard Flamer

Tow behind flamer includes alley flaming kit with 4 LT 2 x 8 torches / 58 gallon propane tank on tow cart with 2″ ball hitch
Great Roundup alternative for driveways – horse tracks
Can be upgraded to work in vineyards or orchards.
$3,000.00 + freight


Used Row Crop Flamer

Three point hitch 4 row crop flamer.
Complete with roll cage, 250 gallon propane tank with fittings, LT 8 2 x 8 liquid propane torches.
Suitable for flaming most row crops including corn, soybeans, tobacco and more. Great for organic growers and for times when it is too wet to cultivate. $7500.00 + freight

Used Meadow Seeder


Greenscape 600 Conservation Seeder

  • Heavy Tubular Frame Construction
  • All Ground Driven With No P.T.O Shaft Or Gearbox Required
  • Precise Seed Metering
    $3,500 + freight

Made in the U.S.A.