Flame Weeding Equipment for Chemical Free Farming

Flame Technology For Chemical Free Agriculture
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Potato Vine Flaming

• One Application Vine Desiccation

• Effective & Affordable Treatment of Blight Spore

• Pre-Emergence Weed Control

• Safe For the Environment – No Runoff, Soil or Ground Water Contamination

• Available in 2, 4, 6 and 8 Row Units

The patented liquid spray flaming process...

Red Dragon Potato Vine Flamers offer producers a totally organic way to desiccate potato vines to stop the growth and set the skins of potatoes. Flamers burn clean, efficient propane, so there is no residue, run-off or contamination to worry about due to chemical or acid use. 

This flaming process uses our patented liquid spray torches which are specially designed to spray liquid propane into the vines where combustion takes place. The canopy of vines and foliage help hold the heat helping to make more efficient use of the fuel. The intense heat thermally shocks the green vines and destroys cell tissues in the leaves, destroying the plant’s ability to conduct photosynthesis.

Flaming is also a very effective weapon for blight control. Chemical treatments are expensive, and not an option for organic growers. Flaming to desiccate or scorching the ground right before harvest will help control blight spores.

Fuel consumption averages 20 to 30 gallons per acre and is affected by both the pressure supplied to the spray nozzles and by the ground speed. Ground speeds range from 3 to 5 m.p.h. Heavy foliage must be desiccated at a higher pressure and a slower speed and light foliage can be flamed at a higher speed and lower fuel pressure. This allows the operator to gauge the LP gas used to the amount of foliage, thus conserving fuel and reducing costs.

Safe And Easy To Use, all Red Dragon Potato Vine Flamers come with electronic solenoids allowing flame control and immediate shut down from the driver’s seat.

Always consult your propane dealer about purchasing the proper tank or have them check your existing tank to make sure it is clean and safe before you begin flaming. You MUST use a propane tank equipped with a Liquid Withdrawal Valve. Do NOT use a bottom withdrawal valve as any possible debris or scale may plug torches or solenoids down the line. We recommend a top-mounted, liquid withdrawal valve with a dip tube which reaches close to, but does not rest on the bottom of the tank. Clean fuel and tank are critical for optimum performance of all flaming equipment.

The dark rows were flamed 10 minutes prior to the photograph.


Five days after flaming the results are obvious.

Twelve days after flaming. Flaming Works!


Complete roll cage protection for tank & control heads.

Tank straps with valve guard assembly.

Category 2-  3 point hitch.

Tool bar complete with skid leg mounting brackets.

Hydraulics for tool bar (standard on 8 PVF – Optional on 6 PVF).

Complete Manifold Assemblies with electronic solenoids.

Cab Control Box with master shut-off switch.

All Torches Needed.

All necessary hoses cut to length with brass fittings.

Fuel Strainer.

Red Dragon Vapor Torch Kit for lighting torches.

2 PVF . . . 2 Row Complete Unit
4 PVF . . . 4 Row Complete Unit
6 PVF . . . 6 Row Complete Unit
8 PVF . . . 8 Row Complete Unit

Made in the U.S.A.