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Tobacco Row Crop Flaming

Flame weeding tobacco is the cost saving, chemical free way to keep your tobacco crop weed free from lay-by, all the way to harvest!

Keeping organic tobacco weed free, without hand labor, has become much easier and much less expensive since the introduction of tobacco row crop flame weeding.
These tobacco flame weeding kits are similar to our row crop flaming kits for corn, soybeans and other row crops, but are configured to accurately flame weed through the crop row of raised tobacco row berms without damaging the crop.
The kits come with all the parts necessary to convert your existing high-boy sprayer into a high-boy tobacco row crop flamer.
The tobacco flamer in the above video was made utilizing a John Deere 6000 high-boy sprayer with a 3 RKT Tobacco Row Crop Flaming Kit and a single120 gallon liquid service propane tank. 
The way this high-boy was set up, the tobacco grower can quickly remove a few of the flame weeding parts and utilize his sprayer when needed.
Traveling between three and five M.P.H. you can effectively control weeds in organic tobacco without the use of chemicals or hand labor.
​Fuel usage is around seven gallons of propane per acre.
​Even in wet conditions, if you can get a tractor in the field, you can flame weed.

Before flame weeding

After flame weeding


Here are some other examples of high-boy tobacco flamer configurations -

This grower utilized an older Powelll sprayer and two 120 gallon liquid service horizontal propane tanks to make this high-boy tobacco flamer. This is a dedicated tobacco flaming high-boy.

Here is a John Deere 6500 highboy sprayer with two 120 gallon liquid service vertical propane tanks. Our tobacco row crop flaming kits come with the curved torch legs you see in the above videos. 
This grower with the tractor below made some custom parts so he could keep the sprayer legs in place. By removing some (but not all) of the tobacco flame weeding kit parts he can utilize his sprayer as usual.

Tobacco row crop flaming kits come in three sizes

3 RKT (Three Row) Tobacco Row Crop Flaming Kit – Flames 2 rows and the 1/2 the next row over on either side.
5 RKT (Five Row) Tobacco Row Crop Flaming Kit – Flames 4 rows and the 1/2 the next row over on either side.
7 RKT (Seven Row) Tobacco Row Crop Flaming Kit – Flames 6 rows and the 1/2 the next row  over on either side.

Each kit contains all the necessary parts

• Complete manifold assemblies with electronic solenoids.
• Cab control box with master shut-off switch.
• Toolbar leg assemblies (Skid Style)
• All burners required for your configuration.
• All necessary hoses cut to length with brass fittings.
• Fuel Strainer.
• Mounting Brackets for the Toolbar legs.
• Valve protector assembly for 120 gallon horizontal propane tank.

What you will need:
• A high-boy tractor
• One or two propane tanks with valves and fittings safely mounted to your tractor.
(Please specify if your will be using one or two tanks, and which type)
• Fabricated struts to attach tool bar leg mounting brackets to
(We have seen many variations, depending on the tractor and the one doing the fabricating.)
Feel free to contact us for guidance.


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