Flame Weeding Equipment for Chemical Free Farming

Flame Technology For Chemical Free Agriculture
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Helpful Information

Flame Engineering Agricultural Flaming Guide
A historical overview of row crop flaming with some details about flaming various crops including Corn, Soybeans, Cotton, Potatoes, Tomatoes, Cole crops, Alfalfa, Grapes & Orchard crops

Red Dragon Equipment Product Brochures
Alfalfa Hay Field Flaming
Vineyard & Orchard Flaming
Poultry House Flame Sanitation
Row Crop Flaming
Vegetable Bed Flaming / GF2011 Walk Behind Flamer 
(Purchase the Walk Behind Flamer here.)

Instructional Manuals for Red Dragon Agricultural Equipment
Row Crop Flaming – Complete Units
Row Crop Flaming – Kits With Skid Legs
Row Crop Flaming – Kits With Drop Legs
Potato Vine Flaming Units
Vegetable Bed Flaming Units – 2 rows           
Vegetable Bed Flaming Units – 4 rows
Vegetable Bed Flaming Units – 6 rows
Vegetable Bed Flaming Units – 8 rows
TD12LPS Alfalfa Flamers
GP-1000 and GP-1054 and GP-020 Berm Flamers
GP-750 and GP-454 and GP-010 Berm Flamers
PL-8750 Poultry House Sanitizer w/ Quality Tank
PL-8750 Poultry House Sanitizer w/ Trinity Tank

Vegetable Bed Shaper Information
Model 4500 Lesche Bed Shaper Set up Guide

Poultry house sanitizer information:
Poultry House Sanitizer Study by Dr. Susan Watkins at the University of Arkansas

See page 2 of this first edition of the University of Arkansas “Avian Advise” news letter for an informative
Article on poultry house flame sanitation.

Press Release from the Propane Education & Research Council on:
The Propane-Powered Sanitizer that Helps Stop Avian Influenza

Helpful Links:
National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service – Funding opportunities updated weekly.

Baystate Organic Certifiers
Baystate Organic Certifiers is a USDA National Organic Program accredited certifying agent that certifies farm operations in the Northeast & Mid Atlantic U.S. and processing operations in the Continental U.S.
Imagine a cost-effective easy way to be organic!

Farm Credit 
Equipment loans and leasing options – No penalties for early loan payoff and a portion of your interest is returned to you annually.

NC FarmLink
Connecting Farmers, Landowners & Service Providers in North Carolina

New Country Organics
Certified organic soy free feed / buyer of certified organic grains..

Propane Education & Research Council
Propane Farm Incentive Program

Grants for propane powered systems for your farm including Flame Weeding Equipment

Quality Certification Services
QCS is a USDA and ISO Guide 65 accredited certification program that offers a wide array of certification options for organic farming, livestock, packing, handling, processing, and wild harvest operations.

Rural Advancement Foundation International-USA (RAFI)
RAFI cultivates markets, policies, and communities that support thriving, socially just, and environmentally sound family farms.

Whole Foods Market
Local Producer Loan Program

Flame weeding torch kits and small scale bed flamers for market farms –
Unbreakable American made broadforks and garden tools.

Helpful information on propane, propane tanks & fittings and more.

The facts about propane
An overview on propane and its use as an alternative fuel. 

Earth & Sky Solutions YouTube Chanel

Carolina Farm Stewardship Association
Maryland Organic Food & Farming Association
Northeast Organic Farming Association (NOFA)
Northeast Organic Farming Association of New Jersey (NOFA-NJ)
Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture (PASA)
Pennsylvania Certified Organic
Virginia Association for Biological Farming (VABF)

Future Harvest
National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service
Organic Farming Research Foundation (OFRF)

CROPP Cooperative

Government Agencies:
U.S.D.A. Farm Service Agengy
Natural Resources Conservation Service
Start2Farm – Curriculum and Training Clearinghouse for new and beginning farmers. – database features information and resources for training and assistance programs available throughout the country.

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