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Flame Technology For Chemical Free Agriculture
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Save 10% on flame weeding equipment and more till December 31st 2019

Weed control in organic row crops can be really challenging especially when it’s too wet to cultivate. If this has been one of those challenging years for weed control in your organic crops, you may want to consider getting a row crop flamer or a vegetable bed flamer, or a combination of both for the coming 2020 growing season.
If it’s too wet to cultivate, you  can still flame
If you’ve been thinking about getting some flame weeding equipment for next season, now is a great time to buy.
If you can make your purchase before the end of the month you will receive a 10% discount on any Red Dragon Equipment.
This includes Row Crop and Vegetable Bed flamers, Poultry House and Dairy Barn Sanitizers, Alfalfa Flamers, Vineyard & Orchard Flamers and more. We have easy financing available and all purchases made by the end of the year qualify for the  IRS Section 179 100% tax deduction.
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