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Poultry House Flame Sanitizing – How Deep Will It Heat?

Another question we hear from poultry growers who are looking into flame sanitation is how deep will the heat penetrate into the litter?
This video shows the temperature of the litter at approximately 2″ deep.
The temperature reading under the heat shield exceeds the range of the laser thermometer. The surface temperature cools as the poultry house flame sanitizer moves past the flaming point. It was at this place that I kicked down into the litter and as quickly as I could measured the litter temperature at about 2″ deep as it cooled.
Also see page 10 of the report by Dr. Susan Watkins at the University of Arkansas where you can see similar documentation of the floor temperature measured in seconds and see the positive results of of her study on the poultry house flame sanitizer

Here is a video measuring litter temperature at about 3-4″ deep:


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