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Higher flock settlements can be easier than you think!

Have you been stuck in the middle with your flock settlements?
God forbid, maybe you’ve been on the bottom for a while!
Growers who used to have trouble with flock performance due to problems that are harbored in the litter of their poultry houses are seeing their performance improve dramatically through the use of the Red Dragon Poultry House Sanitizer.
The poultry house sanitizer, manufactured by Flame Engineering in LaCrosse, KS is a simple to use and economical way to effectively kill pathogens, bugs and their eggs and larvae in commercial poultry houses.
The sanitizer works with propane flame safely covered with an insulated hood to produce heat ranging from 1200 – 2050 degrees Fahrenheit.
Compared to in-house composting/windrowing which may reach temperatures of between 120 and 160 degrees in the centers of the piles if conditions permit, propane flame produces from 800 to over 1200% more heat than the upper end temperature of windrowing techniques in commercial poultry houses.
So instead of taking 10 days or more of your time between flocks, you can take about an hour per house to flame sanitize – with a higher degree of reliability.

One afternoon, out on the Del-Marva Peninsula on a Maryland poultry farm, a grower who was demonstrating his poultry house sanitzer for his flock supervisors talked with them about poultry diseases, and he told them…”If it’s in the floor, I don’t get it”
Now that’s confidence!
One of the side benefits of using the poultry house flame sanitizer besides controlling pathogens and bugs and drying out the litter is the AMMONIA CONTROL!
It’s a whole nother’ world air quality-wise. Before – it can be hard to breathe with the fans off walking much further into the house than the front door. After flame sanitizing, go on back into the house with the fans off, and you’ll find yourself breathing much easier. As you know, young birds will greatly benefit from cleaner air, and you can run the fans less because there’s less ammonia to dissipate. (You could use less PLT or forgo it altogether)
Another grower I know had borrowed a poultry house sanitizer from a friend to try it out. After saving a few thousand dollars in heating fuel during that winter flock, he called up and got a poultry house sanitizer for himself.
Now is a great time for you to buy a poultry house sanitizer, not only for better flock performance and cost savings, you can buy one at a discount  for a limited time.

Contact me before December 22nd 2017 you will receive a 5% discount and free freight + the poultry house sanitizer qualifies for a 100% deduction on your 2017 taxes.

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