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Harvest more Grade A  potatoes with a Red Dragon!

Red Dragon Potato Vine Flamer

That may sound like a pretty farfetched statement, but that is exactly what I learned from a Wisconsin organic potato grower in a phone conversation we had a while back.

One pass with the Red Dragon Potato Vine Flamer will completely desiccate your vines and hasten earlier skin set.

You can make a second pass that will virtually eliminate the desiccated vines which enables  smoother flow of potatoes through your harvester without damage to potatoes from vines and debris.

The grower I spoke with said he picks up barely a 5-gallon bucket of culls per acre laying on the ground after harvesting a field that has been flame desiccated.

Wouldn’t you rather sell Grade A organic potatoes?

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Chemical free potato vine desiccation


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