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Barbecue your poultry house problems

Heat your poultry house problems out of existence!

Fall is in the air!
It’s time to start closing up your poultry barns to conserve heat for your young birds. At this time of year there’s a balancing act between keeping the poultry houses ventilated to keep the air quality at such a level that your birds can breathe and don’t go blind due to excess ammonia vapors in the air.
Another issue during the cooler months is wet litter and disease problems,; not to mention all those bugs they keep delivering to your farm with the feed.
With a Red Dragon PL 8750 Poultry House Sanitizer all of those problems are taken care of at one time.
The poultry house sanitizer provides a high level of control over the quality of the litter in your houses. It dries out wet litter, kills pathogens that cause diseases like Dermatitis, L.T. and much more. While all that’s happening as you’re driving through your poultry barns at 1/2 mile per hour you are seriously barbecuing the darkling beetles and their eggs and larvae. A wonderful side benefit to poultry house flame sanitiation is the tremendous reduction in ammonia in your houses.
Happy birds and a handsome paycheck.
Thanks what it’s all about.
Contact us today for more information on the Red Dragon PL 8750 Poultry House Sanitizer and ask to speak with our growers that are benefiting from the poultry house flame sanitizer.


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